Smartwool: Art of the Outdoors

Behind The Scenes: The Art of The Outdoors

You gotta love when an RV becomes a pivotal part of a production. Shooting Smartwool’s latest campaign, The Art of the Outdoors took us on a month and half long road trip to three mountainous locations in the US;

  • Jackson, Wyoming with Bryan Igutchie
  • Crested Butte, Colorado with John Fellows
  • Mammoth Lakes, California with Chris Benchetler

We were tasked to tell the story of how each of these artists/outdoorsman find inspiration for their art, from nature. Not only does the beauty of the natural world inspire their art, but it’s also a blank “canvas,” for them to play in. We took a deep dive into this intricate relationship and brought it to life with cinema. Here is a collection of photos from our three shoots and the adventures on the road in between.

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